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Car Warranty Telemarketing Lawsuit: The FTC May Have It Wrong

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), one of the regulators of telemarketing affairs (the other being the FCC), filed a lawsuit on May 13, 2009 against the alleged car warranty telemarketing scammers. The story can be found here.

The lawsuit singled out Voice Touch, Inc. as the primary telemarketer and Transontinental Warrany, Inc. as the warranty firm. Both of these companies operate out of Florida. Unfortunately, The Telemarketing Lawsuit Depository is of the opinion that the FTC has it all wrong. It is very probable that the accused parties are resopnsible for a number of illegal telemarketing calls. However, if your going to swing such a big hammer, why not swing at the biggest target.

The evidence submitted through this website was used in our private investigation. We have had some VERY valuable leads, thanks to all of the users of this website. These leads have pointed to Missouri based warranty companies, and to the telemarketing company C1F Marketing, which has several locations, including California. This was confirmed by a phone call to a Missouri based warranty company where our investigators posed themselves as interested marketing partners. In order to “size up the competition” we asked “which outbound call services do you currently use?”. The response to this question included C1F Marketing.

The majority of reported calls led back to Missouri based warranty companies, which leads us to believe that Voice Touch, Inc. and Transcontinental Warranty, Inc. are not the big fish.

Car Warranty Telemarketing Link: 865-497-2733/8654972733 and add 270-686-0076/2706860076

A link has been developed between 865-497-2733 and 800-219-7425 (and add 270-686-0076), both used by the companies offering extended automobile warranties. Based on the interpretation of facts provided in a previous post, we also believe that the same telemarketing agency working for Vehicle Services, Inc (using 800-219-7425) is also using 865-497-2733. I would venture to say that 865-497-2733 will also lead back to Vehicle Services. I will let you know when that is confirmed.


Automobile Warranty: 800-168-4861/8001684861

800-168-4861 is using the same call list as 800-219-7425. We believe that this is the same telemarketing agency that is being used by automobile warranty companies such as Vehicle Services, Inc. (previously linked to 800-219-7425) and Consumer Direct Warranty Services. If you are being called by (800) 168-4861, keep reading.

How do you we know this? When we WERE getting the phone calls, we were getting them from SEVERAL phone numbers. Once we followed the script and found the name of the company selling the warranties, then threatened them with legal action, they stopped calling. ALL OF THE NUMBERS STOPPED CALLING. Thus we have concluded that the same company was calling, regardless of the number they were calling from.

Following the same logic…Many of you have received calls from 800-219-7425. Recently, the same people submitting evidence about calls from this number are submitting evidence about calls from 800-168-4861.

What kind of information do we still need? We need you to continue to follow the script. Continue to attempt to find out the name of the company selling the warranties. That way we can link the numbers (used by the telemarketing agency) with the warranty sales company (client of the telemarketing agency). Look through your phone records and see if you are being contacted by both 800-168-4861 and 800-219-7425. As always, make sure to submit this information via the evidence entry form.

They Must Like the Website

Hello Everyone!

Just to let you know, we have been in contact with several entities (FTC, FCC, NTVCC, etc…) including the attorney general’s offices of several states. We are working hard to find some relief for the people out there annoyed with illegal telemarketing practices. More importantly, we are working hard to gather information that will help stop telemarketing fraud. Many people, especially the elderly, are losing a lot of money to telephone scams and we would like to help stop them.

Secondly…It looks like “Dealers Warranty”, at IP, is spending a lot of time on our site. In fact, they are using more bandwidth on our site than we use! I guess they were just curious about how many people are fed up with them. Hello Dealers Warranty!!!

Thirdly…We read each and every post and form submission. If the post contains inappropriate content, we delete it. Someone, probably from dealers warranty, is trying to post foul content on our page. Just to be sure that no one else feels the way he (Seth) does, we are going to explain a few things:

  1. The ads that appear on this page are “powered by google”. They are selected based on the content of the site. Apparently, google doesn’t have the “power” to realize the site is anti-telemarketing because sometimes it puts telemarketing ads up. We apologize and assure you that we are not in league with any telemarketing companies.
  2. The store we put up is an Amazon aStore. We are not selling anything!!!

Items one (1) and two (2) above are a means to offset the costs of operating the site, as well as the countless hours of research we perform on a continuous basis. Although we are pretty sure that a majority of you understand this and don’t mind it, there may be some of you (Seth) that take issue. If so, we invite you to reply to this post and we will try to answer your complaints to the best of our ability. Remember, we are here to help you in any way we can…that is the extent of our purpose.

760-204-8419/(760) 204-8419/7602048419 Dealers Warranty

760-204-8419 has been linked to Dealers Warranty, out of St. Charles, MO. They were formerly using the number 580-822-3386. This company is violating more than the TCPA.

A user of this website submitted evidence stating that he received a call from 760-204-8419. A representative told him that he could get a warranty for his car for just $25.00, for just $3.95 up front and $1.75 for the next twelve months. He later learned that $375.00 had been pulled from his bank account. Not only that, his attempts to cancel the transaction were met with “you have to wait until you receive that packet”, “there is a 10% ($274.10) early cancellation fee”, and “you have to provide us with a notarized odometer reading from your truck”…

Please do not provide any bank account information to ANY telemarketer. Although they can be very convincing and it may sound like a good deal, it is better to be safe than to be a victim of fraud. If you have been contacted by 760-204-8419, please submit an Evidence Entry Form.

251-947-8966/(251) 947-8966/2519478966

This post is just to let our users know about a new number, 251-947-8966. Information on this phone number was submitted by some of the same users who submitted information on the number that was linked to Vehicle Services. I believe that 251-947-8966 is being used by the same telemarketing firm that used 800-219-7425.

Between the period of approximately August 2008 through November 2008, I was receiving the Automobile Warranty Telemarketing calls. The calls came from many different phone numbers and there is evidence that those phone numbers were linked to several telemarketing firms. After I revealed the company attempting to sell me the warranties, I aggressively threatened them with legal action…THE CALLS STOPPED!!!

The interested part about this is that ALL of the calls stopped by merely talking with one company (albeit several times). Regardless of the fact that I was being called by multiple phone numbers and by multiple telemarketing firms, the calls ceased after threatening one warranty company with legal action. This gives me reason to believe that all of the numbers, and all of the telemarketing firms, were linked to one warranty company.

This case is no different. The users of The Telemarketing Lawsuit Depository contacted by 800-219-7425 have also been contacted by 251-947-8966 regarding the same Car Warranty Telemarketing Scam. Based upon the previously mentioned deductions, Vehicle Services, Inc. is responsible for BOTH of the phone numbers.

Thanks to our users for submitting there evidence. If you have been a victim of illegal telemarketing phone calls, please submit and Evidence Entry Form.

Stop the Telemarketing Calls

The Telemarketing Lawsuit Depository has posted some products that we think you will find useful. The purpose of this site is to provide you with knowledge of the law and the tools it gives you to fight illegal telemarketing practices. However, we know that some of you don’t have the time or energy to pursue your own lawsuits. Therefore, we have another solution for you. These products will effectively stop most telemarketing calls to your home and office telephones.

Check back with us for updates.


800-219-7425/8002197425 AND 580-822-3386/5808823386 (SOLVED)

One of the companies behind the Extended Car Warranty Telemarketing Scam has been identified. If you have been contacted by 800-219-7425 then you may reasonably assume that you are being contacted by Vehicle Services, Inc. This is a company based out of Saint Peters, Missouri and this is not the first time that they have been identified for conducting illegal telemarketing practices. Click here to read about previous actions taken against this company by Attorney General Jay Nixon.

The other company identified has been calling from 580-822-3386. This company provided a contact number of 1-866-338-7877 EXT. 7003. This is the number to the call center. The website provided by the Warranty Representative was The actual name of the company is relatively unclear at this point, but the name given during the phone conversation was:

 Federal Auto Protection Notification Center
745 Friedens Road
St. Charles, MO 63303

This is the address of Dealer’s Warranty. The contact number given in the directory for this business is (636) 757-7501.

The Warranty Representative , Cory, said that he was working at a call center in St. Louis. Because he naively provided his cell phone number, we had a chance to speak with him later. He said that he had been working this job for approximately two (2) weeks and that he had no idea that anything they were doing was illegal. “We only take in coming calls”….”We don’t call anyone”… He said that the calls are pre-screened by someone else (their hired telemarketing agency) and they are connected through to him after the required information is collected.

Although the Federal Auto Protection Notification Center is not actually placing the calls, it is relatively safe to assume that they are partially or fully responsible. Therefore, anyone who has been contacted by them or their hired telemarketing agency could file a lawsuit against them.

Special thanks to our users for following the Evidence Collection Guidelines and identifying two of the companies responsible for these illegal telemarketing phone calls. This is VERY important because now those victims wishing to begin their own lawsuits can readily identify those responsible for violating their privacy. In addition, if enough visitors come to The Telemarketing Lawsuit Depository and submit evidence against these two companies, we may have grounds to file a class action lawsuit, surely stopping these companies from their illegal practices.

If you have been contacted by 580-822-3386 or 800-219-7425 please submit an Evidence Entry Form. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


It is important for everyone to remember that there are two (2) goals here. The first goal can be achieved by following the script provided here. This should get you the name of the company trying to sell you the warranties.

The other goal is trickier. The attorney general of MO couldn’t even complete this goal. The issue is that most of the warranty companies are not placing the calls. They only take “incoming” calls. Those phone calls are placed by a sub-contracted company. As you know, if you “press one to speak with a representative” and you express interest in anything except buying a warranty, they will hang up on you. In addition, they use spoofed and/or outbound only numbers that are very difficult to trace. Thus the reason that not even attorney general Jay Nixon could track down the people responsible for actually placing the calls.

Now…it is still possible to sue the warranty companies, as Mr. Nixon did last summer. However, it would be even easier, and much more effective, to sue the telemarketing agency used by the warranty companies. In order to do this, however, you have to know who the telemarketing agency is.

We have been in contact with the following:

We have achieved the second goal, determining the firm responsible for placing the calls. Guess which bullet on the aforementioned list helped us achieve the goal? YOU!!! Users of this website provided the valuable information needed to make the connections. Now we have the Missouri’s AG office asking us for information! If you helped out, pat yourselves on the back!!!

I really really really want to tell you the name of the responsible company. However, I don’t want them to erase any information that we could get through subpoena. Therefore, I am going to hold off for a while. Just know that we HAVE this information.

The next step is to continue to pursue goal number one (1). This is important because we need to link as many of the phone numbers to as many warranty companies as possible, thus linking the warranty companies (and the phone numbers) with the known telemarketing agency.

Car Warranty Telemarketing Phone Number Update

This is just an update on the numbers that are currently being used by the car warranty telemarketing agencies. We have discovered some valuable information that we will post momentarily. Meanwhile, here are the phone numbers:

If you have received calls from these numbers, or any others, related to the Car Warranty Telemarketing Case, please file your data here.

Arrowhead Investment Fraud Case: (703) 574-5308/703-574-5308/7035745308

A user submitted this information last night regarding the Arrowhead Investment Fraud Case. This looks like a case of an attempt at Investment Fraud via telemarketing (called from 703-574-5308). By all means, please educate yourselves about this. This is much more serious than the Car Warranty scam that we often discuss here at The Telemarketing Lawsuit Depository. The following information was submitted:

“They told him that they were the US Legal Dept Financial Crime Division and that he had committed fraudulent activities in order to obtain money and that there was a warrant for his arrest. They then said that my husband owed 3 hundred dollars to an Arrow Head Investment and it was for a loan. They have all of his personal information which made us want to believe them. But my husband is not a fool so he began to ask then questions and try and get information from them and he basically told them that he wasnt going to pay them any money with out any documentation that we actually owed them this money. Then this guy said “let me tell you that you are an a**hole” and then hung up… The only information that he did get out of them was the crap they feed us about being the us government and a web site of which is the wrong address anyways the real Us Legal Dept Fincail Crimes Divisions web site is www. We called our local police dept and reported this scam to them and then we called the real US Legal Dept Financial Crimes People and filed a report with them and let them know what these people were doing.”

The number these people are calling from as of now is: 703-574-5308

If you receive any calls from this number, please submit an Evidence Entry Form so that we have a better chance at finding these people, and stopping them.